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Buying direct is the best way to save money. But how to do that?

Here is how to go direct to the dealer and get their confidential price, avoiding the mark ups of the retailers. Find out how you can buy hundreds of items-furniture, appliances, electonics cabinets, flooring-   from from more than top 700 brands and save thousands. Click here to get the best prices possible.


As soon as you have signed up with Ebates, you are in money.  Of course  the main money will come from the cashback that you will be getting for things you buy online from its numerous online merchants. More than that the site is always on the look out for exclusive deals and cut-rate coupons which it will pass on to you. And if you like this site and tell about it to your friends, you will get another $5 for each of your friends. This money can add up even without buying anything. Click here to sign up

Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is my favorite. I like it not only because it has lots of online stores from which you can earn hefty cashback for your purchases. You will find here many other ways to make money without hassle. It gave me $3 as a welcome bonus few days after I signed up with it though it was nowhere mentioned on the site when I first registered with it. Open to international members also.

When you have joined CashCrate, you get cashback from lots of online stores. That is like any other cashback site. But the difference here is that you get to earn in many other ways like completing offers, joining websites and taking part in surveys. It special attraction is its daily survey which can earn you money everyday. This site pays you for referring to others also. Open to international members also. On the whole a good, clean site.
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Ones Not To Miss



The Best Cashback Sites in the USA

Listed below are reviews of some of the best (and worst) cashback sites, shopping rebate sites, and online reward programs in the USA. To learn more about how such sites work please read our guide to cashback sites which will help you understand much more about how these sites are used and the excellent benefits that are available to you when you shop online through them.

Reward or cashback rates normally range from 0.5% to 10%, however there have been rates seen much higher than this depending on the offer and cashback website. Some of these cashback sites and online shopping reward sites will also give you a welcome bonus to give your account a nice healthy starting balance. Although such cashback sites will not make you rich overnight, they can be an unexpected bonus, and, if you shop online on a regular basis, then you have nothing to lose by joining them and can only gain from the experience.

Cashback sites in the USA tend to reward in either points (which are exchangeable for various products or vouchers) or in cash which is claimable at a certain level. Here we list what we consider to be the current top online reward sites in the USA, then a selection of other good cashback sites before naming any sites which we do not think compare favourably to the others. If you have any comments about these reviews or would like to suggest another site to be considered for inclusion on this page please let us know.

New USA Cashback Sites


Swagbucks - is a very promising type of site with lots of fun ways to earn 'Swag Bucks' which are redeemable for a large variety of very good rewards.
You earn Swag Bucks for every $1 you spend at one of the many online shops listed on the site. You can also earn by completing the daily poll and by referring friends who go on to use and earn Swag Bucks on the site. An exciting feature of the site is the chance to win Swag Bucks when you use their search engine. It's a random process and you can win anything from 5 to 50 Swag Bucks if your search is one of the lucky winning ones. We have generally had a winning search at least once a day. You can also earn even more Swag Bucks by using the toolbar and looking out for special codes given through the toolbar, in the Swagbuck blog, and through the Swagbuck widget!
There are more ways to earn more swag bucks and this site is continually adding new ways to earn them. Your Swag Bucks can be used to purchase a very good range of prize products and gift cards (including Amazon, itunes and paypal gift cards) in the Swagbucks shop. For example 700 Swag Bucks will currently net you a $5 paypal payment. You can also use your Swag Bucks to enter 'swagstakes' to win fab prizes. We have already received Amazon vouchers by using this site.

Our Top USA Cashback Sites

Number 1 - Big Crumbs

Big Crumbs - is an established cashback website (since 2005) which offers good rates of cashback for online shopping. The site also offers you the chance to earn extra cashback through referring your friends and family to the site and you can earn even more from the site if they go on to refer active users of the site too. We have successfully used this site and have received monthly payouts. It pays when you have cashback ready to be paid to you and there is no minimum payout limit at present. This cashback site is nicely designed and appears to have a lot of potential, especially if you are able to make referrals to the site who then go on to use it as their main cashback site.

Number 2 - My Points

My Points - is an established online reward site which rewards you with points for purchasing through a good number of brand name partners, for reading email it sends you, completing surveys, searching the web or even playing games. The points are exchangeable for a large variety of gift card and gift certificate rewards redeemable through the site. You can also earn further points for referring friends to the site who go on to actively use it (earn at least 125 points). It is one of the oldest online loyalty programs, the site is simple to navigate and nicely designed. It is therefore a site you may wish to consider joining.

Number 3 - Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper - is an little goldmine of a cashback website with fantastic reward earning potential. We have been impressed with it since we found it. We love the design, ideas and ways you can earn lots of cash. You can earn by completing some great offers, shopping online through a good range of retailers, by completing surveys, and by referring your friends. It also runs competitions such as treasure hunts where you can win small cash rewards. The site pays out by check or you can use a verified paypal address. The minimum redemption is $20, which should be fairly easy to achieve here if you use the site regularly. One added bonus is that you can earn and win gold coins and gems which themselves are exchangeable for great little bonus prizes! A great idea and a great site. We have received payment through this site.

Number 4 - Ebates

Ebates - is an established USA cashback site offering cashback payments from a large number of online retailers. It provides a wealth of information for the shopper, including shopping guides, money off coupons, limited time offers and breaking deals. You are paid $5 for registering with the site and you can then go on to earn good cashback rebates by shopping through Ebates and earning cashback with the great range of retailers they have listed. You can also earn an extra $5 for referring a friend to Ebates which is paid once they make their first qualifying cashback purchase on the site. Payout occurs by check or by paypal every three months as long as you have earned at least $5.01 in cashback (not including your sign up or refer a friend bonuses). This is a very easy level to reach in our view. It looks a professional and well run site and one we are inclined to recommend already.

More USA Cashback Sites

Number 5 - Fat Wallet

Fat Wallet - has a decent range of cashback offers for shopping online through its selection of retailers. It also lists various coupon codes and has a forum where you can talk about offers and relevant stuff with other members. It pays out by check once you have made the minimum amount of $10 in your account or it will pay you by paypal. The site has a nice design and appears simple to use.

Number 6 - Extra Rebates

Extra Rebates - is a traditional cashback site which offers the user a good range of stores to shop with and earn a cashback rebate. Payment is by paypal (no minimum cashback requirement in account) or check (the payout level is $25). The site design is fairly basic but importantly the site has been running for a while now and has a forum which is currently active.

Number 7 - Yub

Yub - is a nicely designed site that offers Yub points for shopping through its partners. These points accumulate in your Yub account and eventually you can exchange them for cash payments (so basically it is a cashback site). It distinguishes itself from other cashback and rebates sites saying it is a fun shopping mall community which you can join and be apart of to discuss whatever you want to talk about. You can start or join fan clubs for example and meet others with similar likes as you. Points can be redeemed by paypal or check once more than 1000 Yub points have been earned (which is equivalent to $10).

Number 8 - Cash Content

Cash Content - cashback for completing offersCash Content - pays you for trying out various offers listed on their website. The site is easy and simple to use and the site has a stated policy that it only promotes genuine and worthwhile offers, not junk ones that are often found on other sites. It is definitely worth checking this site out if you like the idea of getting paid for signing up to various offers. They currently have approximately 80 listed offers categorised as either fixed rate or percentage rebates. They send out a check once your account reaches $20.

Number 9 - Bond Rewards

Bond Rewards - is a slightly different cashback site in that it encourages you to save your rewards that you earn with the site. When you make purchases on websites through BondRewards, you receive BondRewards. These 'rewards' can then be exchanged for U.S. Savings Bonds thereby encouraging you to save. It is a novel idea and the site itself is easy to navigate and nicely designed. It also has a large number of retailers through whom you can earn these rewards. Established in 2001.

Cashback Sites we do not recommend

Free Net Cash

Free Net cash - was a cashback site which offered the member opportunities to earn cashback by completing offers, however it currently contains broken links, poor design and clearly has been neglected by the site owner for some time.

Please contact us if any of the information provided on this page is incorrect stating why you believe it to be so.


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